It has been a major risk for me to run this website at all.

German Internet laws are made by grumpy old shitheads that don't care about anything but their 2 beers just before they continue drunk driving home, if anything at all. Neither do they have a clue what laws they are making for nor do they know how their laws are affecting just normal people.

In this case, there exists a German law that requires everyone who hosts a website, on which you can (for example) download stuff, to leave an imprint containing my fucking full name, address and phone number.

This is no joke. This is literally what the law says. It tells me to fucking doxx myself.

Recently i kinda took a shit at that law because... obviously i won't fucking doxx myself, so a bunch of dadless Germans show up at my front door. I don't wanna go out with a fucking baseball bat every time someone rings my doorbell... yea, I think it's obvious what my options are. Either wait for the inevitable, that some piece of shit that doesn't like me, reports my website to the government

or take it down myself and save myself a lawsuit

From now on, I will use this webserver only as a place to store videos and other data. I really liked it but yeah... The only save option for me would be to move to another country lol.